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Cast of Characters

Main Characters (aka the "Stupendous Six")

Jeremy Portrait Jeremy McGrath
Computer Geek

Easy going nice guy, the de facto leader of his circle of friends (if such a thing is possible). Usually the most logical and sensible of the group, Jeremy (or "Jer," as his friends call him) tends to want to think things through... which is a problem, considering his impulsive housemates. He can be easily pressured into doing the strangest things, but he doesn't complain... TOO much. While he's obsessed over computers, he hardly talks about the subject with non-computer types, and is willing to indulge in other people's geek traits. Jeremy is currently a temp worker-slave... a bitter end to a computer science graduate.

Hiryuu Portrait Hiryuu Kanbayashi
RPG Geek

Cynical. Moody. Role-player. Such is Hiryuu, the local Japanese guy on the block. Don't let his mood fool you, though... he's one of the nicer guys you could ever meet. He tends not to talk about his life much, resulting in a slightly mysterious person. He prefers to channel his annoyances through playing RPGs... which is strangely theraputic for him. Aside from that, he's a neat freak, always gets the mail first, and prefers Tintin over anime... for various reasons. It's unclear how Hiryuu makes money, though it's speculated he has some job on campus.

Pete Portrait Peter O'Reilley

Enthusiastic, philosophical, and a womanizer - that's Pete for you. He's had more girlfriends than his three housemates have had, total. (That's not a stretch, though). He loves anime - the style, the stories, the catgirls... He's not completely lost in it, though; just enough to make people realize that there are too many freaks who like anime. Of course, considering HE says that, too... He works at Fare's Fair Coffee, a fair trade coffee shop. He doesn't need the job -- his parents are rich and they bought the guys their house -- but he likes it for the social atmosphere.

Fred Portrait Fred Garcia
Video Gamer

What can you say about Fred, other than he's nuts? He's highly obsessive, always going for that slightly unobtainable goal. He's got a short fuse, though instead of getting angry, he freaks out. Usually, though, he's a very positive-minded person, and does actually think, contrary to popular opinion. It's just that he prefers thinking about video games over, well, everything else. He works at Cold Front Studios, making (bad) video games; the studio's first and only (known) game is Hoo-ah the Ninja.

Naomi Portrait Naomi MacPherson
Game Geek

Light, bubbly, Naomi is one example of a geek's dream girl. She's intelligent, pretty, and can cream most guys at any fighting or strategy game. She also tends to be a schemer and a crap disturber, getting people riled up for her amusement. When she's not hanging out or studying, she's working at SuperGames, a video game store. (I told you she's a dream girl!)

Chris Portrait Christina Crowley
Tech Geek

Arguably the more sensible(?) of the girl geek duo, Chris isn't as geeky as one would expect. However, if there's a new electronic gadget on the market, she'll be the first to buy it. She's also a fan of Linux, and tends to show off her mad skills. It is a very, very BAD idea to accept any of her "bets" or "wagers" - they're off the wall, but she ONLY makes then when she's sure she can win. She lives on her own, and can afford it because of her engineering internship.

Supporting Characters

Onibuke Portrait Onibuke Kageyori
Video Game Character

The evilest of the evil, the nastiest of the nasty, the most honourable of the honoured. During a certain... incident, Fred inadvertently brought Onibuke - the last boss character from the game Hoo-ah the Ninja - to real, breathing life. Since then, Onibuke's been wandering around this strange, new world, trying to understand it, and his place in it. He's still evil, but he's willing to work with people... at least until they serve their purpose.

Trevor Portrait Trevor Branford
Alpha Thug

Trevor was someone Jeremy knew in high school, under less positive circumstances (ie, Trevor used to beat Jeremy up). Since then, Trevor has drifted into thuggery and thievery, and other not-so-nice things. After a talk with Jeremy, though, Trevor has apparently gone into respectable office work... though he keeps on thugging on the side. To what purpose is not known.

Bill Portrait Bill Lawson
Trekkie Grifter

Bill first arrived as Pete's retarded cousin. Pete had custody of him because no one else in the family wanted him. He was given to Fred, who treated him as some sort of pet monkey. Since then, however, it became known that Bill wasn't retarded; in fact, he was quite clever, living off other members of the family. Afterwards, it became apparent that all was not well in Pete's family, but Bill refuses to spill the beans... probably for his own good. Having no real job, Bill tends to hang around in the basement and watch Star Trek reruns.

Neko-Spot Portrait Neko-Spot

Have you ever wanted a catgirl? So did Pete, until he actually met this one. Neko is a genetically modified cat, human shaped, sized and proportioned. However, her mind and reactions are definitely those of a cat. She was a failed experiment, but instead of putting her down, her sponsor company decided to mail her off to Pete. Now in her new home, she takes the place of "resident pet cat," doing bizarre catlike things. She's a good source of creepout for any visitor to the guys' house.

Argosy Portrait Argosy

A crazy conspiracy theorist who takes jobs from, well, anyone. He tends to have connections to various underworld groups. Although he rants and raves and is usually a nuisance, he's not to be taken lightly; anyone who can cast voodoo magic is very much deemed a threat.

Sampson Portrait Sampson

A deranged gang leader who has a penchant for carrying BIG knives, and lots of them. He's hardly ever seen without something smokable in his mouth or hand. He was one of the founding members of the White Dragon gang, before everything went south. Hates Trevor for some unknown reason. Considered HIGHLY dangerous.

Slick, Skull and Blade Portrait Slick, Skull and Blade

Trevor's three cronies. None of them are terribly brave on their own, but together, they're relatively effective... unless they've had their butts handed to them by their adversaries before. Slick is considered the brawn of the group, Skull is the brightest, and Blade, well, carries a switchblade, in addition to being the virtual second-in-command.

Bit Characters

Cultist Portrait Cultists

The Cult of the Hiryuu is a strange, dangerous group of people. Originally a merged group of highly trained ninjitsu assassins and underworld agents, a strange belief permeated their numbers, resulting in the formation of a doomsday cult who believes that the Hiryuu (Japanese for "flying dragon") will destroy everything, and they will be the ones to wake it. The vast majority of cultists are easily identifiable by their robes and draconic costume elements (mask, wings, gloves). There are no known female members of the cult.

Cultmaster Portrait Cultmaster

The leader of the Cult of the Hiryuu doesn't wear the traditional outfit associated with the rest of the cult, but that doesn't make him any less dangerous. The master is fanatical and prone to suggesting less-than-social solutions for unwanted people. He's also concerned about the number of cultists assembled when the "big day" arrives.

Jen and Randy Portrait Jen and Randy

Jen is Jeremy's (older) sister. She's not a geek, but is a nice, likable person nonetheless. Her husband, Randy, is a very gung-ho individual... and is also a huge manga freak. Their first visit to the guys' house resulted in Randy "falling off the wagon," as Jen put it, because of Pete.

Laura Portrait Laura

Easily identifiable by her perky hair and demeanor and her "Press" card, Laura is an aspiring journalist, majoring in sensationalism. She's highly concerned with getting her name out there by whatever means possible, usually resulting in "big scoops" or possible indulgences in reality TV. Though highly excitable, she's also a smooth talker and often gets her way.

Ninja Portrait Ninjas

The Clan of the Black Dragon is the most formidable group of ninjas to ever set foot in Charleston Bay, Ontario... which isn't saying a lot. These people are the less-than-competent escapees of the Clan of the White Dragon. Their leader, for reasons known only to himself, wears a happy face on his bandanna. New recruits to the Clan are easily identified by their baseball caps, which read, "N. i. T." (for Ninja in Training). Usually, the Clan of the Black Dragon is best described as "not getting it."
Fun fact: Ninjas are one of the many factions (aka "dork armies") that reside in the world. Other known dork armies are pirates, cowboys, vikings, and clowns.

Orion Portrait Orion
Comic book geek

Orion eats, sleeps, breathes, and just plain lives comic books. He possesses an incredible knowledge of the finer points of superheroes past, present, and rumoured to come. The man cannot seem to relate to anything without comparing it to some comic book somewhere (which hasn't stopped him from getting engaged to a woman). His saving grace is that he's generally enthusiastic and positive.

Pat Portrait Pat

Pat is better known as Patricia, one of Pete's ex-girlfriends. Pat blames her breakup entirely on Pete, while Pete maintains it was a general dissolution. In any case, Pat is fairly bitter and somewhat psychotic, and would be worse off if it wasn't for her roommate, Naomi.

Simon Portrait Simon

Naomi's current beau, Simon is not a geek, doesn't like geek-related items or seem to care much for geeky-type friends. Why he would go pick up a girl who works in a video game store is anybody's guess. He tends to be fairly pushy.

Steph and Michelle Portrait Steph and Michelle

Hiryuu's two sisters are definitely a strange duo. Steph is more grounded, while Michelle is more apt to fly off the handle (a result of being a teenager, no doubt). Together, the two of them can do everything but boss their brother around. However, they can't lord over him too much - he's (just barely) the oldest child.

Todd Portrait Todd Mandel

Todd is Pete's supervisor at Fare's Fair, a fair-trade coffee house. He discovered the joys of capitalism when his "Coffee Ninja" first made the scene, and people liked the ambience. Otherwise, he's an average twenty-something non-geek-type person.

Tracy Portrait Tracy

Tracy is one of Jeremy's friends from various temp jobs. She and Jeremy tend to get assigned to the same jobs, resulting in the two of them commiserating in their relative plights. She's shown a taste for practical jokes.

Tzitzimime Portrait Tzitzimime

Retrieved from the depths of the Repository of Dangerous Things, the Tzitzimime is a ferocious reptilian monster said to devour the souls of the dead. It was acquired for the continuous reality TV show "Geekhaus," but has since been adopted by Onibuke for nefarious purposes.
Fun fact: When a Tzitzimime is fed human flesh, it can heal wounds and regenerate lost limbs. When a Tzitzimime is overfed human flesh, it can reproduce asexually. This is not a pretty sight.

The RPG Characters

Marquesa Portrait Marquesa Tilantho
Human Fighter - Hiryuu's character

Marquesa is played as a very serious warrior, and is the leader of the ragtag group of adventurers. She is very thoughtful and strategic... if only the rest of the group was like that.
Fun fact: Marquesa is Hiryuu's second character in the current campaign. All that is known of his previous character is that it was a male cleric, and died during an encounter with undead.

Erbyne Portrait Erbyne
Elf Thief-Mage - Pete's character

Erbyne barely passes roleplay muster; he's simultaneously haughty and monotone. He's also got the best senses of the group. As a multiclassed character, Erbyne (rhymes with turbine) has a lot of responsibilities under his cute little elf hat. The best way for him to relieve stress is to make snarky comments.

Gorias Portrait Gorias
Dwarf Fighter - Fred's character

Fred doesn't even try to roleplay; Gorias is about as hyper and obnoxious as Fred is. He is "played" as a very impulsive individual. Not being one to care about rules and consequences, Gorias ends up being the victim of traps and spells. He looks forward to using his axe (and hey, who wouldn't?)

Valencia Portrait Valencia
Human Cleric - Chris' character

Valencia is a generic cleric, devoted to Neugier, god of wonder. She's not terribly distinguished otherwise, lesbian rape tendencies notwithstanding. If/when Chris learned more about D&D, Valencia would definitely come into her own. As it stood, the group needed a cleric, and she fit the bill.

Biff Portrait Biff the Buff Barbarian
Human Barbarian - Naomi's character

Biff is a man of words, if all conversations could be contained in the sound "ugh." He is large, not too bright, and easily distracted by bunnies. He causes earthquakes with his feet. In addition, he is very good at smashing things that need smashing (which tend to be a lot of things).

Tarlis Portrait Tarlis
Human Necromancer-Assassin - NPC/Jeremy's character

Easily the most devious foe the adventurers have ever faced, Tarlis made a deal with a demon lord; he can cut off his arm and use it for blood sacrifices to create undead, and the arm, under dark forces, grows back. No one is sure what would happen if the arm ever turned on him. Tarlis' plans tend to go too well; the adventurers always lose! He was "retired" after Jeremy, in a moment of desperation, decided he was epileptic... and everyone knew about it.

Undead Portrait Undead

The vast legions of the dead are under Tarlis' control. His favorite tactic is to send out armies upon armies of skeletons. While they're not very strong, they're relentless and a cheap, easy, expendable source of labour.

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